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SWR Meters Make You Stupid

Vintage SWR Meter

I recently published a short article in the member magazine of a local radio amateur club about how unimportant the VSWR (Standing Wave Ratio) is relative to the power that your station puts out, yet how much the average Ham frets about it.

While doing my research I came across this humerous dissertation on the topic, written by Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ. I’ve read many of Eric’s articles in QST and QEX and other publications. They are mostly of a technical nature and are always worth spending time on. Eric is a dedicated homebrewer and CW operator. He enjoys all aspects of low band operation, and fiddles around with some 2200 meter and 630 meter operation as well.  He has operated just about every HF digital mode at one time or another, and can often be found on plain RTTY.

The article I want to reference here “SWR Meters Make You Stupid” captures the essence of why Hams should not worry about SWR too much. Below is the link to download:

SWR Meters Make You Stupid