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Interference in the Shack (West Rand Club 10/4/21)

QRM Blockers

The West Rand Amateur Radio Club hosted a talk by Leon Uys ZR6N at 10:30am on Saturday 10 April 2021, titled “5 Quick & Easy Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Noise In Your Shack
(and a few you shouldn’t)”.

The published agenda covered three main parts:

  • Part 1: The Environment In Which We Operate
  • Part 2: Five Steps You Should Consider Taking
  • Part 3: Practical – Build Your Own Toroid(s)

The talk was well attended and stimulated quite a bit of feedback, but as Leon said: “I am only sharing a few of my own very limited experiences and your results will vary. Don’t fall off ladders and do other stupid things, because you are on your own and I can’t be held responsible.”

The entire presentation is available for download from here: Interference Discussion West Rand Club