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QRP-Labs QCW Band Conversion


The CW Kit from QRP-Labs is a very capable transceiver and the performance matches just about anything available on the market.

There is a small problem, however, with the fact that it is a single-band device. So when I stared out I built a 20m unit which has been remarkably fun when the bands are open, but mother nature isn’t always kind to us and often times there was just no signal to play with.

So, I investigated what is required to change it down to 40m. Turns out it isn’t a lot. A few toroids, a few caps. Most of the components can be desoldered without hassles. My initial take is that the following components are affected:

  20m   40m  
L1 0.77uH 16 1.4uH 21
L2 0.90uH 17 1.7uH 24
L3 0.77uH 16 1.4uH 21
L4 0.40uH 10 1.0uH 16
C25 390pF “391” 680pF “681”
C26 390pF “391” 680pF “681”
C27 180pF “181” 270pF “271”
C28 180pF “181” 270pF “271”
C30 30pF “300” 56pF “560”
C5 none none 40m 39pF
C8 none none none none
T1 3t x 3 30t 5t x 3 38t