Toroid with 1:1 4:1 9:1 balun 100 Watt

by Leon Uys Personal


Toroid 4:1 or 9:1

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Pre-wound toroids that you can use to make your own antenna balun or unun or whatever you need to do.

The actual toroid is similar to the FT140-43 and is pretty good up to 100 watts. If you want to use higher powers we can suggest a bigger toroid or stacking two of these ones as a special order.

Made with 3 wires you can get 4:1 or 9:1 by choosing a pair of wires, good for dipoles or loop antennas

If you ask for a special order we can use 4 wires to give you 16:1 as well.

We can also do a very special 3-turn version that has significant improvements in some areas (check the photo gallery)


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