SDR Transceiver Antenna Switch

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SDR Transceiver Switch / Antenna Sharing Device to protect SDR receivers from HF Ham radio transmissions

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SDR Transceiver Switch / Antenna Sharing Device for HF Ham radios. It is similar in operation to the MFJ-1708B series of devices. It has RF sensing for backup when the PTT fails.

Essentially it is a T/R switch that routes the antenna signal to he SDR when in receive mode, but when the PTT activates (clicking the transmit button on the microphone) it grounds the SDR receive antenna and switches the signal from the transmitter to the antenna, effectively bypassing the SDR receiver.

Impedance: 50Ω
Frequency range: DC-160MHz
Maximum TX power: 100W
RF sense threshold:<10mW (1.8MHz-30MHz tested)
ON time < 20ms / Release time: < 190ms
Insertion loss: < 0.3dB @ 144MHz (0.2dB typical)
RX isolation: > 38dB @ 144MHz (40dB typical)
Power supply: 13.8V DC 200mA
Function: gas discharge protection
Weight: 430g

Package List:
1 x SDR Transceiver Switch box
1 x Power Cable
1 x 60cm SMA to SMA Cable
1 x PTT Control Cable

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