QRx Low-Noise Receive Loop Antenna


QRx Low-Noise Receive Loop Antenna

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The QRx Low-Noise Receive Loop Antenna is the locally refined South African version of the ever-popular YouLoop antenna – made from local components for local hams by local hams.

The q-code QRX means “I will call you again at …” and that is exactly what this antenna does: Once you have tried it,  it calls you back for more.

It is the quietest receive antenna available anywhere. It works so well that many amateurs now run their receive link through a SDR connected to this antenna. It is a perfect match for the HackRF, SDRPlay, RTL-SDR dongle or homebrew receiver.

This is a receive-only antenna and transmitting through it will destroy the sensitive components. The standard connector to go with most receivers is a BNC, but a SMA or PL259 can be ordered at no extra charge.

If you want to mount the QRx permanently outdoors, a little weather proofing tape should be applied to the connections. We can supply the tape or you can buy from Builders.

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QRM Noise Canceller, Q40 "Bundu Basher", antenna hardware

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