QRP-Labs new 50 Watt CW Amplifier

by QRP-Labs


QRP-Labs 50W CW Amplifier kit

Available on backorder


The new QRP-Labs 50 Watt CW Amplifier is the companion to the QCX+ single-band, high performance CW transceiver kit.

This is a plastic bag full of parts that you assemble yourself. There are NO surface mount components to solder (two SMD ICs are already factory pre-soldered). It is shipped with an enclosure

–> NOTE: The price is indicative only and will be confirmed at order time

IMPORTANT: SLOW SHIPPING: Note, order volume of this kit was (and is) extremely high. It will take some time to ship out all the orders and the shipment office already have high order volume. Please be patient.

See the QRP-Labs website for the long list of features!

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 7 cm


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