ProgRock Kit

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ProgRock crystal replacement frequency synthesizer

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This is a kit and you will be receiving a plastic bag with components. The photos are representative examples of the completed kit.

This kit is a simple minimalist controller for the </span><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Si5351A Synth kit</a><span> (included with the ProgRock kit). It is intended as a programmable crystal replacement. It has three independent outputs with frequency range 3.5kHz to approx 300MHz, and can be optionally </span><strong>GPS disciplined</strong><span><span>.<br /><br /></span></span><p>The features of this kit are as follows:</p><ul><li>Includes <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Si5351A Synth kit</a> AND “ProgRock” PCB kit</li><li>Easy construction, no surface-mount components to solder (Si5351A already pre-soldered)</li><li>3 independent 3.3V p-p squarewave outputs (2 if you use GPS discipline)</li><li>You can feed the outputs through <a href=”” target=”_blank”>LPF kits</a> to get sinewave outputs</li><li>8 selectable “banks” of frequencies, chosen by 3 input control signals</li><li>Frequency range 3.5kHz to 200MHz</li><li>Extended frequency range up to approx. 300MHz if you don’t mind violating the Si5351A datasheet specifications</li><li>GPS frequency discipline using 1pps from a GPS receiver</li><li>Unique power supply noise filter circuit designed by Alan Gray G8LCO</li><li>Power supply voltage 5V, or using LM317LZ regulator (supplied), range is 5-12V DC</li><li>Minimalist configuration user interface using 4-way DIP switch, push button, and LED</li><li>Frequencies and configuration stored in non-volatilte memory (EEPROM) for next power-up</li></ul>

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