Filtered Mains Power Strip With Voltmeter

by Leon Uys Personal


Filtered Mains Power Strip (multiway) (Stage 1) with power meters

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The 220 volt mains power supply is often contaminated by noise carried over the actual power cables itself.

This noise can be reduced significantly by using a common-mode noise rejection device in the power lead to your equipment.

Stage 1: This is only stage 1 and amateurs so inclined chould proceed to stage 2 solution

We take a standard 220 volt multiway adapter and add the necessary components to it to create a robust 15 Amp CMR circuit in Stage 1. You can now simply plug in your radios and power supplies into this strip and see and hear the difference immediately.

In addition, the hush-quiet volt/amp/power meter will show you how much you are consuming.

Much of the knowledge behind this device comes from the late Steve Hunt G3TXQ, whose deep insights will be sorely missed.

Why don’t you watch his video on YouTube Steve Clean Up Your Shack

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