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Shack Clock Kit Assembled

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<p>This is a shack clock kit which can optionally also be connected to a GPS receiver module such as the <a href=”″>QLG1</a>┬áto provide precise time. Alternatively it can be used standalone or with a different 1 pulse per second (pps) signal source.<br /><br />This clock kit is based on the same hardware as Ultimate3/3S QRSS/WSPR kit and a special firmware version. A GPS receiver module such as the QLG1 can optionally be connected for precision time-keeping. The display format is customisable; as well as time and date, you can also choose to display GPS data (e.g. location, number of received satellites, etc).<br /><!–n–><!–n–></p><p>The clock can be configured to display time, date, and various information decoded from the GPS serial data stream. Two Analogue temperature sensors an optionally be connected to the kit, so that temperature measurements can be displayed (for example, indoor and outdoor temperature). The contents of the display are configurable. The photographs on this page show the default configuration of the clock display.</p><!–n–>