CE-19 Interface for Xiegu G90

by Leon Uys Personal


The CE-19 digital interface to the Xiegu G90 – a small yet very capable HF all-mode radio. Ideal for the beginner, perfect for the QRP specialist

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The CE-19 Interface connects your Xiegu G90 to the digital world.

The Xiegu G90 is a portable 20W HF amateur radio transceiver with an SDR architecture and built-in automatic antenna tuner. The display unit can be separated from the radio unit for flexible installation options. The baseband I/Q output allows the G90 to interface with external devices like a PC or the Xiegu optional panadapter. The ones we import comes with the optional CE-19 adapter to make it look like an ICOM to your computer when you work digital modes.

My own personal radio was sent around the country to a few amateurs to play with, and they all enjoyed the radio as much as I do. But we are not alone, and this is a link to >>  YouTube Review and more links

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